What we are doing to address our financial challenges

We are navigating a challenging time for rural health care, but we are confident in the bold steps we’re taking to:

  • Stabilize our finances
  • Protect critical health care services
  • Minimize impacts on our patients
  • Continue to address health care workforce and access to care challenges

We are focused on solutions we believe are within our reach: long-term improvements and efficiencies, not only financially, but also in patient access and quality of care. Thanks to the hard work and focus of our people, our health system’s operations and finances are starting to trend in the right direction. But we’re not out of the woods yet.

We are committed to meeting the needs of our communities across Vermont and northern New York, now and long into the future.

With these initiatives, we seek to maintain that commitment and avoid significant service cuts. Through May 2023, we saw positive financial gains, and if this momentum continues, we believe we can finish this fiscal year with a positive margin. In contrast, the Network lost $90 million last fiscal year.

Below are just some of the initiatives that we have underway to make this impact.