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Navigating rural health care in crisis

Like many hospitals and health care providers around the country, we face serious challenges. Rural health systems like ours are still recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic, while navigating high demand for care, severe staffing shortages and hyperinflation of the costs for labor and providing patient care. Far from over, these unprecedented headwinds continue to threaten our financial stability and our mission to offer high-quality, equitable care to the people of our region.

In response to these extraordinary pressures, we’ve undertaken a system-wide, urgent body of work to improve our operations and stabilize our finances. We are encouraged by the progress we have made and the forward-thinking efforts taking shape from within our organization, from building housing and providing daycare for staff to expanding access to surgical procedures, adding specialties to our eConsults services, strengthening mental health care services, centralizing our recruitment efforts, reducing wait times for radiology and more.

We’re working to build a sustainable future, but we can’t do it alone.

This is a pivotal year for our region’s hospitals. As we accelerate our evolution to an integrated academic health system that serves patients across two states, decisions that impact our budget in one state have a direct impact on our health system as a whole.

In both Vermont and northern New York, we are working to preserve access to the health care services our communities deserve. Our budgets allow this work to take place through critical investments in our people, our equipment and our facilities. Upcoming decisions on these budgets will impact our sustainability and ability to serve our communities for many years to come.

The UVM Health Network is not only a health care system—we are your friends and neighbors.

We take great pride in the care we provide, researching new treatments and training the next generation of health care professionals. We are committed to improving the health of the people in the communities by integrating patient care, education and research in a caring environment, now and into the future. You deserve nothing less.

I see the critical role our organization plays in the lives of people in our region… I’ve met so many people across our health system who are truly mission-driven and dedicated to improving the health and lives of Vermonters and New Yorkers.

Sunny Eappen, MD, MBA, President and CEO of UVM Health Network