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Pioneering change and making a difference

We are not only a health care system—we are your friends and neighbors.

Our patients and community members are at the center of everything we do across University of Vermont Health Network. As an academic, rural not-for-profit health system, every dollar that comes into our organization supports our goal of improving the health of our communities in Vermont and northern New York. We take great pride in the care we provide, integrating patient care, education and research in a caring environment. 

Nurturing a strong and accessible health system for our region

The people of our region deserve nothing less than timely, high-quality care. This means health care that is equitable and both physically and financially accessible. Across UVM Health Network, all of us are united by a shared commitment to provide the best care to everyone who needs it, now and in the future.

The organizations that comprise our health system have spent more than a decade working together to leverage our collective resources, expertise and clinical and administrative support to create the best possible experience for our patients. While some work remains, thanks to many years of dedicated effort, we have now integrated much of our clinical and administrative functions across our system to better serve our patients, while controlling costs.

We have been transparent about the operational and financial difficulties we have faced over the last several years, from workforce shortages, changing care needs and the lingering effects of the pandemic to hyperinflation and inadequate long-term care and mental health beds. We are making progress in responding to these unprecedented challenges and slowly returning to a sounder financial footing.

I see the critical role our organization plays in the lives of people in our region… I’ve met so many people across our health system who are truly mission-driven and dedicated to improving the health and lives of Vermonters and New Yorkers.

Sunny Eappen, MD, MBA, President and CEO of UVM Health Network

We’re working to build a sustainable future, but we can’t do it alone.

We are working hard each day to enhance the experience of our patients: making it easier to access care, strengthening our workforce and responsibly investing in ­the critical infrastructure we need to deliver the high-quality care our patients deserve.

We recently submitted our fiscal year 2025 budgets to the regulator of our Vermont hospitals, the Green Mountain Care Board. Our budgets include what our patients and communities need to lead healthy lives, while transparently reflecting what it costs to provide this care.